Monday, June 10, 2013

In Every New Writers Life A Little Rain Must Fall!!!!

Hello dear readers it's been a while since my last post. I'm happy to tell you that I know more about writing now then I did a few months ago. My book Deadly Liaisons was my first book, but it had so many errors that I was forced to read the whole thing again for the up-tenth time. I thought I had gotten them all,but the truth is when you know how to say you can make a crappy book gold on a stick. That's what I have done with the book. Same story but different look, read, two new chapters and whole lot of edits. Also a new name, yes deadly liaisons is being retired. The cover says it all, but if you have any questions please feel free to comment or tweet me @jessicacagnew 

Also if you would like to read the new version first before the rest of the world please let me know.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Something about Publishing

Earlier this week I was talking to a friend and she had all these question for me. She wanted to know what do you do after you wrote the book. How do you get it out there without being taken advantage of? Well that really gave me the kick in the pants I needed to write this post. Well when it comes to getting published there are two ways to do it. Let’s talk about them shall we?
The first way is the traditional way. This way is where you send your query letter to as many agents as possible and hopefully one of them give you a call back. Then the ball really starts rolling, contracts and book deals and pretty much everything is taken care of for you right? Well the days where agents and publishing houses long to take a chance on a unknown such as yourself are long gone. Now they are picky about who they take on, in fact they want to invest their time and money into someone who has already proven themselves in the market. They want to know that your book is going to sell and sell big. The bottom line? They want their money back.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Something About Characters and Settings

Hello, and today we are going to talk about characters and Settings. In the last post we talked about getting that story out of your head and on to something you can hold. Also we talked about how to start a story. Today we are going to talk about the most important part of any story, the characters. A good character can make even the lousiest book seem good. We all seen them and love them. I’m sure if you think about it you have a character from a movie, television series, book that just captivated you. With this character you just have to know what’s going to happen to them. One of my favorite characters would have to Boyed Crowder from the fx series justified. I love this man, he is so cool in fact he always follows his abc’s. Always be cool. Now I bet you have already thought of some characters already. Now with this in mind you should be thinking about your characters first, the main ones now. The minor characters come later and as you write you may decide to add new ones let’s list the kind of characters we have.

Main characters: The characters that are the focus of the story. It’s about them and they have all the lines.
Supporting Characters: These characters are there to make the main characters look good. For example in the story Iron Man, Tony Stark is the main character and Pepper Potts is the Supporting character.
Minor Characters: These are the characters that have little lines and they are just there to add flavor to the story. To leave clues for the story to move forward.

Gateway Characters: I like to call them this because they serve one purpose. They are there to move the story forward or to let the reader in on something that would be boring if the writer just explained it like a how to guide. We must entertain at all times. Remember if you’re bored then the reader is going to be bored. Now let me give you another example in my new vampire romance Deadly Liaisons I created a character named James West. He is a gateway character. We learn about the order, not a religious set I mind you; through his eyes. After meeting a vampire he goes on this journey that the reader goes along with him. We learn more about the world of Deadly Liaisons in a cool and entertaining way. Always entertain…
Now let’s talk about bad characters. A bad character can take a good book and ruin it in all sorts of ways. One thing I cannot stand is when a character monologues way too much, or points less talking.

“Please for love god shut up before I slit my wrist.”

This is a phrase you do not want your reader saying to themselves. This would be bad, so don’t do that ok.
I would like to talk about a good word processor. Every writer needs one and for a long time it was hard to find one but Microsoft has made their office suits with subscriptions now. What does this mean for us? It means for $9.95 a month you can get all of office programs and use them all you want. You will even get one look which I love for many reasons. If office is not your thing, well then there are other free ones out there; just google and you will find them.

Now let’s talk about settings. Think of settings as scenes in a movie. Where is your story taking place and what year is it. Is it in the future or the past. These are questions you need to answer. A lot of us get caught up in the big picture that we forget about the little things that make up the big picture. So think about the where, what, how, who. These are the questions that should always be in your mind. No matter what destination it is I always suggest you do your research. The magic is in the details. You have to know the place you are talking about. Like if your story takes place in New York City; well what am I as a reader expecting to see. In my head I’m thinking of busy streets, narrow alleys. Lots of clubs and bars, and people selling things on the street. This is just things that scream New York City. Now if you are writing about a place that’s supposed to be something like New York City you have more room to just think up stuff from the top of your head. Remember this is your world…you control it. If you want your story to take place in a place like Paris, France. Well then unless you’ve been there you are going to have to do some information digging. Look at movies made in Paris. A good movie to watch would be something about Charlie. In that movie we got a firsthand look at Paris. The narrow streets, buildings very close together. Just do your homework and you will be fine.

With all these things in mind you are off to a great start. Next time we are going to be talking about Publishing and how to go about it. Self-publishing and regular publishing.

Thanks for reading and if you have anything to add please feel free. Because we all, even I could use help when it comes to writing.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

New Novel Deadly Liaisons Takes a Bite Out of Vampire Romance


New Novel Deadly Liaisons Takes a Bite Out of Vampire Romance

​​“Deadly Liaisons” Tells the story of William Corvin, a vampire looking for a change after a century of indulging in his dark desires, but his salvation or destruction may lay in the hands of an uncommon foe.

Alachua, Florida, U.S.A  February, 23 2013 – For people who have fallen in love with vampire romance novels, a new book has just been released on Amazon, “Deadly Liaisons.” New author Jessica C. Agnew presents the story of William Corvin, a vampire who after a century of killing has decided he wants a change. William has spent the past century following the king of the Texas vampire’s orders, no matter what they were. He did not care what or from whom he got what he wanted from as long as he got it, but now he has had enough. After months of not knowing what to do he crossed paths with an Eveva Whitmore, a beautiful dark hair violet eye girl who is much more then she seems. After saving her from three vampires they connect, but within her rare beautiful eyes could be his salvation. Still, she carries a dark secret that could lead to his undoing. The story is romance filled action, fantasy adventure that will push the boundaries of love. With William’s dark past and Eveva’s dark present threatening to thrust them both into the darkest depths of destruction, how will they survive?

This new vampire romance novel is geared to the vampire romance book market. It will appeal to people who love romance books, as well as vampires, and continues the vampire craze trend that books and movies have inspired.

If you are looking for new authors of good vampire books, this new offering of "Deadly Liaisons" may be for you. It is a heart-felt story that embraces all the aspects that vampire lovers; love romance, action, and the theme of horror in the vampire world. The book's ending is left open for a sequel. The sequel “Renegades of the Dark” is in the works.

Jessica C. Agnew is a freelance novelist; who specializes in vampire romance.
She has always been interested in vampires, romance and love. She started writing five years ago and aims to entertain and help through the written word and her warm heart.

For more information about Deadly Liaisons, please visit, or contact Jessica C. Agnew at (386) 530-5176.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Learning to Write: Off and Going

Today we are going to discuss getting that story out of your head and on to something you can hold in your hand or at the very least see. Most people fancy the thought of writing a book but less than half actually go through with it. Most get lost at the first step which is to have a plan. I work like this, I think about my two main characters first. Who, what, where and most importantly how .Before you write a single line you must have at least an idea of who you are talking about. This once again, is tied to what your story is about. I believe before you can start a journey you must know where you want to end up. So, let’s not worry about the beginning right now. No, now I want you to think about your destination. What happens when you reach the end? Is it a good place or a bad place? Something to always remember is you are in control. This is your world, it can be whatever you want it to be.